Steam Boiler

Gas Tech Engineering supplies German BOSCH (previously LOOS) high advanced, high pressure steam boiler as fire tube and three-pass wet back design, up to nominal operation pressure of 30.0bar and a range from 200 to 55000kg/h steam supply for various kinds of application as from any small business up to large industrial demand. The famous 'Universal' steam boiler design in optimized asymmetric arrangement for ideal steam-to-water ratio with large steam chamber but overall compact boiler dimensions for highest steam quality and most dynamic response was patented in 1952 and is still unsurpassed.

All steam boiler could be combining as a complete solution include draught burner, advanced control equipment, economizer, de-aerator and feed water treatment, condensate tanks, available as a modular system and matching perfectly for highest reliability and safety standards; and most efficient in daily operation and performance.

BOSCH Universal steam boilers will be delivered pre-assembled include all components and accessorizes, other items as softener unit, feed water tank, de-aerator or condensate return tanks in modular design to minimize and save on local installation costs and time.

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BOSCH brochure - steam boiler

BOSCH brochure - boiler house components