Rapid Steam Generator

Gas Tech Engineering supplies German most advanced CERTUSS rapid steam generators with extremely high nominal efficiency of up to 98%. Whenever and wherever you need steam - CERTUSS steam generators provide full steam output already after 5 minutes start up time and are the right choice for discontinuous steam demand or for redundant steam supply as for e.g. healthcare and food industry, no backup boiler needs in stand-by operation - for minimizing daily operation costs. The steam generators coming in vertical arrangement and low weight for easy carrying in and replacement jobs, matching to the tiniest locations and could be almost install anywhere with limited space conditions.

The new series Universal TC is completely digital controlled include self-monitoring combustion management system, all safety devices as well as a self-explanatory operation via graphical user interface and remote control and communication into building management system via Ethernet, CAN, Profibus or web interface. CERTUSS steam generators will be delivered as a ready-to-start system with all components preinstalled include softener, feed water tank and intermediate piping for saving on local installation costs and time.

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CERTUSS brochure

CERTUSS borchure - references Asia