Prefabricated Chimney Systems

Gas Tech Engineering supplies EKA stainless steel chimneys, all prefabricated, made in Germany. The chimney systems in single or double wall are all prefabricated, type-proved to European standard and come in a range from 170 to 1000mm, based on internal diameter. We can deliver stainless steel materials as AISI 304 or 316 (others on request) up to material strength of 1.5mm. All our chimney system solutions will tailor-made designed and by software simulated and evaluated based on a proficient, functional verification to European standard EN13384-1 and 2. For different applications we supply different high-advanced sealant solutions as in silicon, or as long lasting condensate-acid-proof Viton gasket, or metal-to-metal, gasket free connections for high temperature solutions.

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EKA technical data - chimney system Complex E (single wall)

EKA technical data - chimney system Complex D (double wall)

EKA technical data - chimney system Europ D (double wall)