Hot Water Boiler

Gas Tech Engineering supplies German BOSCH advanced hot water boilers either as conventional or high efficient condensing type with nominal efficiency up to 110%. BOSCH condensing boilers, type Uni Condens are completely made from stainless steel 316Ti, designed as low tension, three-pass boiler with wide water space. All condensing boilers are approved not only for combustion of fuel natural gas, town gas or LPG but also for diesel oil EL. Comprehensive digital control systems providing graphical displays, web-interface, remote displaying or control from any smart phone or tablet device as well as Modbus interface for easy integration into building management systems.

Conventional, large hot water boilers, type Unimat in efficient three-pass design are available in a range of up to 25000kW and in operation pressure up to 30.0bar. Approved for operation with very low return temperatures from 50ºC upwards and no minimum boiler load requirements. All Unimat could be combine with an integrated condensing type, high grade stainless steel flue gas heat exchanger for improving the efficiency from 95% up to 105%. The boiler is supplied as a fully operational unit including all equipment and by that comes ready-connected to an integrated terminal box for saving on local installation costs and time.

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BOSCH brochure - condensing hot water boiler

BOSCH brochure - large hot water boiler